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 Plan for Your Dreams!   -Tara Nolan

Welcome to my webpage Tara E Nolan Investment Advisor Colorado 

Hello there,

My name is Tara Nolan and I specialize in working with preretirees and retirees with investible assets to protect and high income earners who want to become high net worth clients. What I do for them is help them achieve and retain the lifestyle they want in retirement. Colorado 

So, how I get you there...
Tara in CairoI am a comprehensive resource to my clients providing business and retirement plan services as well as personal investment, college, retirement and estate planning services. 

                            What to Expect at Our First Meeting

My clients enjoy working with an advisor who benefits them with a personalized two-fold approach. First, I elicit your needs, goals and dreams. Then, I create a unique comprehensive plan tailored to support your desires.

My clients also enjoy working with a fully independent financial advisor. I have access Tara and Coach Holtz over Kuwaitto a wide range of investment products and services, so I tailor investment portfolios specifically for my clients. Further, I have a legal and ethical fiduciary obligation to act in good faith for each client, as a registered investment advisor. I feel strongly about helping my clients achieve their goals and dreams, and work to provide you with the highest-quality service and guidance.

This is the difference between being investment focused and client-focused. I interact with your other advisors—such as your attorney, accountant, mortgage broker, and insurance agent—to make sure that proper planning is done and effective implementation takes place.

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 What to Expect at Our First Meeting

1. At the first meeting new clients typically like to discuss 2 topics:


What about me? 


What about you? 

Our first meeting is very informal and relaxed either at your home or a local coffee spot.  First, I will ask about your current financial situation, what you are happy with and what you feel concerned about.  I will spend just a few minutes showing you exactly what I do.  And, we will finish our first meeting with a preliminary formal recommendation. 

2. In addition to this discussion, you will receive a goal setting workbook to keep. What is the purpose of this workbook? It is an effective communication tool to make sure you’re on the same page with your partner and yourself. It is surprising how revealing it can be to write your goals down on paper. To create an effective plan it is critical to uncover hidden goals and discuss obvious goals. The true alignment of purpose with yourself and your loved ones is the very first step of creating a successful wealth management plan. There is a summary page that consolidates your identified goals and we will use this list as the foundation for planning. Math is a simple, black and white tool to implement your investment plan.

3. Plan for 30 minutes for this first meeting.


Other questions my new clients typically want to follow up with are:

How do I raise my kids with wealth?

I am interested in creating my personal philanthropic philosophy?

How do I do this?

What are my option?

What are my 4 Estate Planning Must Do Now Issues?

I need help structuring my tax planning but don’t even know where to begin or what CPA to hire?

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